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Welcome to our American Staffordshire Terrier kennel - Diamond Staff FCI.

Our first amstaff joined us in the summer 2007. Since then, our canine family has been growing quickly and now we are owners of quite a few of these wonderful dogs. For more info on our dogs and their pedigrees, see "Males" / "Females".

The fact of sharing our lives with those exceptional dogs has made it clear to us, that they are friendly, energetic and strong, but above all intelligent.

They keep surprising us with their behavior, what gives us an enormous amount of experience in their upbringing. Thanks to the help of best polish breeders, we keep improving the relations between us and our pets.

As we are enchanted by the breed, we do our best to ensure, that our dogs are well trained, friendly and beautiful. They are often presented at national, as well as international dog shows, where they are successful.

That works as a motivation for us, to put even more effort into working with our dogs. For more info about it, see"Males" / "Females" - Shows.

Our dogs have become bona fide members of our family, that is why we spend much of our time with them and dedicate a lot of our attention to them. Furthermore, they make us happy and proud. You can witness their everyday life in our "Gallery".

Best regards,
Roman Zuk.

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